The Consensus: TEDxPaonia A Smashing Success

Feb 14, 2016 | paonia, tedx | 1 comment

On Saturday, February 6, the Paradise of Theatre of Paonia hosted TEDxPaonia, the first TEDx event ever to be held on Colorado’s western slope. By all accounts, it was a big success and organizers hit a homerun in their planning and execution of the event.

TEDxPaonia was an all day affair, lasting a full seven hours. It flew by, since the talks were so riveting and inspiring. In fact, many people lamented the day being over, and were already inquiring about a possible followup next year, even before they left their seats!

Here’s some of the feedback we have received so far:


It was great to be able to express myself through dance and bring a friend’s song to life on a ‘big’ stage. I loved being a performer, but even more, I loved watching all the talks, most of which brought me to tears because I connected with them and were so poignant.

Brooke Warren

TEDxPaonia Performer

I was blown away by Alex’s perception-altering, gender dropping, earth expanding presentation. Make sliding glass of gender walls and passable dashes of gender lines, and be reminded that the Earth and some of its species have no gender. Way to go Alex; way to go curators – on all of the talks!

Vista Verve Networking

Thanks, Gabrielle, for showing me how to tell my story, and how important it is to do so.

Heidi Hudek

I absolutely loved being a part of this little town that could production – so many ideas today still alive in me and growing…I was in awe of all the organization, all the dedication, all the love that went into this. Yesterday driving home I was exhausted and full and so happy. What a gift you and the other organizers gave to me, to all the participants and audience members.

Rosemerry Trommer

TEDxPaonia Speaker

It was nice to see the theater filled…not a seat remaining. Great event to be added to Paonia’s resume…another step into the future. So nice a little town with no parking meters can do it (please let’s not get any)…thanks.

Dave Smith

I enjoyed hearing and watching it streamed from afar. Just another reminder how our community is so very special, and at the same time humble in its recognition of the bigger pictures.

Moni Slater

I’ve helped organize TEDx events in Miami and this one rated right up there with the best. It takes a tremendous amount of work to make a complex, day-long event like this happen so flawlessly. A job very well done with great curating and speaker coaching. Congratulations!

Kate Rawlinson

Read the great write-up we got in the Delta County Independent.

Thank you so very much to everyone who supported the TEDxPaonia team during the six months it took to plan this event. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours will have gone into this by the time the videos are edited. To all the volunteers, speakers, performers and our wonderful community who came out to support it….THANK YOU for being a part of TED’s simple but powerful mission: to spread ideas.

Well done.

Speaking of the videos, they are in the process of being edited now. Please be patient; it is very important they are of the highest quality, since they will be released to the world and will be representing the North Fork Valley around the globe. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as this blog, for updates.

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