Huge Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Feb 2, 2016 | sponsors |

Spread ideas. Through a two word mission, elegant in its simplicity and inspiring in its audacity, TED has connected millions of people around the world at conferences, through online videos, and during independently-organized events like TEDxPaonia.

As TED’s mission unites our world’s far-flung corners, it also strengthens the fabric of the communities inspired to join this global movement. Every TEDx event is organized by volunteers. Every dollar raised through ticket sales and sponsorships is used toward the event. Every speaker is unpaid. Every talk is broadcast online, available to everyone with an internet connection.

TEDxPaonia grew from its community—from inspired contributors to nascent dreamers to tried-and-true practitioners. Because of this community, new ideas and deep wisdom take center stage before dispersing through discussions, connections, and relationships. This growth would not have been possible without the generous contributions from our volunteers and sponsors who found that our mission to celebrate Paonia as a thought hub that ignites creativity, curiosity, and connection aligns with their own values and missions.

Our sponsors have supported us at all levels and in many ways—from cash contributions to in-kind donations. We proudly showcase the local businesses and organizations that have made this celebration possible. From High Country News to Foxy Moron Fashions, our sponsors represent the diverse businesses and industries that have thrived in our mountains and mesas as much as the TEDxPaonia speakers themselves.

Kathryn Swartz, Executive Director of Solar Energy International, our global sponsor, says it best: “Solar Energy International is proud to sponsor Paonia’s TEDx. SEI trains people from around the world in renewable energy and we intentionally choose Paonia as our headquarters because of what this community offers. TEDxPaonia is highlighting our living, evolving community and the exceptional people who call it home.”

TEDxPaonia is a celebration of ideas. But even more than that, it is a celebration of the people, organizations, and community dedicated to spreading those ideas.

Many thanks to everyone involved in our inaugural TEDxPaonia. Thank you for buying tickets, thank you for volunteering, thank you for contributing your expertise, your money, your energy. Thank you for donating food, venues, and décor.

Thank you.

This year’s sponsors:

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